About Us
Roy, grand-daughter Isabella and Bosco enjoying some sun
We were bitten by the "Pug bug" back in 1991 and have been enraptured ever since.  We simply cannot fathom a life without our little wheezing muffin-headed friends.
We have a small breeding program, and have kept our numbers of dogs down so that they could be household members, and not kenneled.  Pugs are meant to be on your couch and at your side as companions, which they excel at like no other breed.
Our tastes in Pug type generally tend toward a sweeter, softer expression.  With this in mind pretty faces are important to us, but not to the detriment of the rest of the dog. We like the cobby "chunky butt" Pug and work with bloodlines to continue this look.  Health issues are also concerns we watch out for, and do our best to breed to the healthiest stock available.
We don't have litters very often, always breeding with the intention to keep something for ourselves.  Our babies are home raised with lots of love and attention and prospective homes are carefully screened to match the puppy with the right household.


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